"Whatever goes into that spiritual bank account is never lost, even at the time of death"
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Welcome to the auspicious endeavor of Bhoodaana Seva!

Bhoodaana Seva beckons you to join in this divine mission of fostering spirituality and community prosperity. As we pave the path for the grandest Krishna Temple in the Southern Hemisphere, nestled within Sydney's Marsden Park, an extension of the esteemed Udupi Shree Puthige Matha, we envision a sanctuary of unparalleled devotion and enlightenment.

Your generous contribution of $5001- Bhoodaana (5 sqm2) transcends material worth, symbolizing the consecration of one square meter of sacred land. Each offering is not merely a financial gesture but a sacred vow to preserve the spiritual sanctity and rich cultural legacy of our community.

As we embark on this sacred Maha-Daana, we invite you to contribute wholeheartedly, embracing the opportunity to uphold the cherished traditions and values of Sanathana Dharma on the hallowed grounds of our temple. Your participation in this noble endeavor transcends individual boundaries, enriching the lives of devotees and nurturing harmony within society.

Together, let us embark on this sacred pilgrimage, weaving the tapestry of unity and enlightenment through the sacred threads of Bhoodaana Seva.

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